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The Lab team

Prof. Dr. Aria Adli







Fahime Same (M.A.)

Since 2017, I am part of the CRC 1252 subproject INF Data, design and sustainability. I am interested in handling optimal ways for the annotation and the analysis of linguistic data, as well as in finding sustainable solutions for storage and representation of data in an XML/TEI based format.
What I am interested in pursuing as my PhD project is investigating reference management variation distinguishing between speaker and hearer perspective in continuous conversational settings. From a methodological point of view, I would like to tackle the recurring problems in the representation of spontaneous speech data in Persian, and proposing a standardized representation.

Eric Engel (M.A.)

Based on the assumption that variation in language is not arbitrary, I am interested in information structural and sociolinguistic factors of variation and how they constrain the choice of a variant. My research focuses on phenomena related to the syntax-semantics interface, such as structural and interpretational properties of different types of subordinate clauses, the expression of negation, or zero elements in discourse.



Alessia Cassarà (M.A.)

My research interests lie at the interface between syntax and discourse from a sociolinguistic perspective. Within a variationist framework, I aim at investigating the sociolinguistic factors that impact language change. I examine the change of specific syntactic phenomena through which information structure is expressed, both from a monolingual and a bilingual point of view, and aim at gaining better insights on the sociolinguistic conditions determining such variation and possible change.




Lena Pfannholzer

My responsibility is running and organizing the technical equipment in the lab. I am also concerned with the website administration and different tasks in the chair.