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The Lab team

Prof. Dr. Aria Adli







Fahime Same (M.A.)

I am a PhD candidate in the DFG-funded project "The Relation between Grammar and Usage: Null subjects and Subject Position in Spanish and Persian". My research focuses on systematic variation in pronoun use, subject position and topic types, and I am particularly interested in the sociolinguistic dimensions of variation. I investigate these phenomena in a hand-annotated corpus of spoken language, the sgs multilingual database, which provides extensive social structural metadata.



Eric Engel (M.A.)

Based on the assumption that variation in language is not arbitrary, I am interested in information structural and sociolinguistic factors of variation and how they constrain the choice of a variant. My research focuses on phenomena related to the syntax-semantics interface, such as structural and interpretational properties of different types of subordinate clauses, the expression of negation, or zero elements in discourse.



Lena Pfannholzer

Student assistant and website administration.