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Cocktail Recipes

The idea behind the drink is to mirror the language mix (that has been spoken about in the talk), in the form of a drink. Like language and culture in general, drinks also are influenced by different cultural flows and culinary traditions and, naturally, of a whole range of aromas.

Cocktail #1 Urban Slang

The rosemary infused vodka stands for a Russian/Mediterranean mix, African sherbet is a Turkish sweet and sour mixture with African aromas. The Turkish apple tea symbolizes again the Mediterranean influence and lights the drink up with a bit of fizz. 


  • 40ml Rosemary infused Vodka

  • 40ml African Sherbet (Sumach, hibiskus, grapefruit, cardamom, cumin, kurkuma, pineapple)

  • 100ml carbonised Turkish apple 

Garnish: In chili and absinthe marinated apple

Instructions: Mix all ingredients in a highball glass and garnish with the apple chip


Cocktail #2 Saudades

Same as the language of Brazil got influenced by social shiftings and specially by the slave trade during colonial times, aromas, plants and food & drink culture were brought to Brazil by parts of Europe/Portugal, Africa and the Carribean, which inspired us to create this cocktail.


  • 25ml Buchu infused Cachaca Magnifica 45% Vol.

  • 15ml homemade Baobab sirup

  • 15ml fresh lime juice

  • 30ml fresh pineapple juice

  • red port wine & pimento dram espuma

Garnish: Black and pink pepper from Brazil

Instructions: Add all the ingredients in a small highball glass on ice cubes, stir it up and top with the espuma


Dominik Mohr
Dominik Mohr

Cocktail #3 Frieselfieber


  • 40ml Belsazar Rosé
  • 20ml Orange - Thyme - Sugar
  • 20ml fresh lime juce
  • fill up with Schweppes Hibiscus Tonic

Instructions: Put all ingridients into an with Ice filled Longdrink Glas and stir gently.


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