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Diversity of minority language communities: mutual intelligibility, identity, and standard

October 06-08, 2021

Jointly organized by Aria Adli (University of Cologne), Katajun Amirpur (University of Cologne),  Gholamhossein Karimi-Doostan (University of Tehran) and  Yadgar Karimi (University of Kurdistan).


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Minorities, religious diversity and identity Minority languages in the Romance world: the case of Sicilian Minority languages in the Indo-Iranian world: the case of Kurdish
09:00- 09:50

11:20 am)
Aria Adli (Univ. of Cologne) & Katajun Amirpur (Univ. of Cologne):

09:00- 09:45

11:15 am)

Johannes Müller (Univ. of Cologne):
From "dolce stil novo" to "linguaggio mafioso" - How history shaped the Sicilian dialect's bad reputation

09:00- 10:20

11:50 am)

Zaniar Naghshbandi (Univ. of Kurdistan):
Hawrami: a general dialectological overview and a brief grammatical sketch

10:00- 11:30

(11:30 am-
1:00 pm)

Students (Oriental Studies Cologne):
Kurds across the borders

10:00- 11:00

(11:30 am-
12:30 pm)

Alessia Cassarà (Univ. of Cologne):
The sociolinguistic situation of Sicilian today

10:20- 11:00

(11:50 am-
12:30 pm)

Zaniar Naghshbandi (Univ. of Kurdistan):
A short glance at Southern Kurdish
11:40- 13:00

2:30 pm)
Mukhtar Hashemi:
Sufism in East Kurdistan: Functionality of Sema in Qadri Order with Reference to the Socio-cultural and Artistic Aspects of Sufi Life

11:10- 13:00

2:30 pm)

Student session:
Readings on minorities and identity

11:15- 13:00

2:30 pm)

Manijeh Mirmokri (Univ. of Kurdistan):
Mutual intelligibility between Southern and Central Kurdish dialects: a case study on Mahabadian and Ilami varieties in Iran


3:30 pm) 


14:00- 15:00

4:30 pm)

Vincent Vaessen (Univ. of Cologne):
Yāresān as a performatively lived culture of remembrance

14:00- 17:30

7 pm)

Alessia Cassarà (Univ. of Cologne): Introduction to Sicilian language

14:00- 15:45

5:15 pm)

Ebrahim Moradi (Univ. of Kurdistan):
A short glance at the Kurdish writing system

15:15- 16:45

6:15 pm)

Sanaz Ehterami (Univ. of Kurdistan):
The Kurdish Dialect Atlas

16:00- 17:30

7 pm)

Round table discussion with Geoffrey Haig (Univ. of Bamberg)

16:45- 17:30

7 pm)

Group discussion